About Us
About Our Business

Sunset Design is a group of Architects and Designers who have a passion for
Design.  Our firm is based on Integrity and that assures our Clients they are
receiving a relentless effort to incorporate ideas into a successful project.  We have
learned from years of architectural experience and workmanship and real time
design applications.

Our company history started in Florida back in the early eighties and has been
reincorporated here in Missouri.  Sunset Design got started with assistance from  
other Architectural Firms who recognized our focus and brilliance.  We got on our
feet and have grown in line with our expectations thanks to some wonderful clients
who were willing to capitalize on small businesses and the advantages associated.  
Sunset Design was started because we wanted to do design in our own way for our
own clients!  It wasn't easy and nothing worth achieving is easy.
Sunset Design Service Inc.
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